AI Startup for Virtual Training

Training. Virtually.

Some day AI will direct and manage training.
AI will power Just-In-Time Learning.
AI will deliver and assess training.
That day is coming. Soon.

How we can help you?

You know you can’t get work without experience and you can’t get experience without work.
So how do you get experience? Take action.
Learning is a gateway to great opportunity.
But it’s just a gateway.
Learning without action is useless.
Learn. Take action. Advance.

We build Action Plans for in-demand skills in technology, business and media.
Find a place where you fit in and join us.


Your work makes the world brighter, better and easier to navigate. When it's done best, it's almost invisible. And that makes it hard to explain.


You are the superheroes of the Information Age. Your code is elegant and so eloquent in a language most of us don't even speak.


You are no longer about splash and flash. You are data-driven. You are guided by the customer's journey, step-by-step.

Social media

Meaningless posts? Inane babble and cringe-worthy pics? Not anymore. You harness the power of connection to create community and loyalty.


Your ongoing battle against the abandoned cart inspires us all. Your obsession with funnels and click flows is understood by few.

Help & Support

You are the oft-ignored bastion of the customer experience, the last line of defense against the dreaded 0 star rating. You deserve support!

Featured Action Plans

Rapid Application Prototyping

When you have an idea for an app, how do you test it?
Build a prototype. Let a few users test it. Then drop the big bucks on a full-blown build.
Our Rapid Application Prototyping Action Plan will get you a working app that your team can test.

Work with us.

File an Action Plan and get going. Recruit one of our amazing members. Recruit another one. Find your tech co-founder. BE your tech co-founder.